Many of London-cleaning-service.co.uk clients have been impressed with the professionalism of our trained cleaners and have recorded their comments below.

“I have known Adiya for the last three months as my cleaner. Her honesty is excellent and her reliability, adaptability, communication, attitude to work and time keeping is very good. Her strengths are that she is very quick and efficient.” – Ms. Resmini of Balham.

“Mariya is a lovely lady, she is a great cleaner who is very honest and takes pride in doing her work well. Her cleaning and ironing competency and attitude to work is excellent.” – Mrs. Carty of Wandsworth.

“I’ve known Sonia well for over a year now and have spoken to others who have know her longer, who support my impressions of her. She is a reliable person who is honest and hardworking. She’s easy to get along with and works well on her own or as a team.” – Rev. Elder of Camberwell.

“My flat has never been cleaner. Marjorie does a fantastic job and I am extremely pleased with her. She has a really good standard of work.” – Miss Bevan of Balham.

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“I’ve named Cecilia ‘robocleaner’, she really leaves no stone unturned. She’s friendly, hard working, pleasant, fast, thorough, honest and considerate – I would pay double the money to keep her here !!” – Mr. Hogg of Putney.

“Amanda is a very bright and positive person. She seems to be very flexible and generally amenable. She is thoughtful – she left me a bunch of flowers after I got married !” – Mrs. Miller of Streatham.

“Valentina’s one off clean was excellent. She is very thorough and very agreeable. I was very happy with the clean. Ten out of ten for her cleaning standard.” – Mrs. Edwards of Brixton.

“Can I just say how impressed we were at the professionalism of your company and should we be in the position to need a cleaner again, I hope that you would be able to again be of service to us.” – Mr. Coppard of Charlton.

“Sarah always works hard and has a lovely nature. She has always been reliable when I’ve needed her and is trustworthy.” – Mrs. Prosser of Mordon.

“Norma is GOOD in all aspects of her work – She is a very cheerful and pleasant person. She has only been working for us for two weeks, but first impressions are good.” – Mrs. Lindsey of Southfields.

“We are very happy with the work that Tessa does for us. Her honesty, time-keeping, communication, use of initiative, attitude to work, cleaning and ironing competency is excellent.” – Mr. Redfern of Wandsworth.