Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

Carpet cleaning is the trickiest housecleaning chore. It requires a lot of skills and knowledge to be done properly.  And I just want to make it clear – vacuuming is only a small part of the whole carpet cleaning process, it is not enough to maintain a rug well.

Our Top 10 Best Carpet Cleaning Tips

Here is a list of the best carpet cleaning tips:

      Always vacuum your rugs before you start cleaning them with a detergent or solution. If you skip this step you will risk making a bigger mess.
      If you have a cat or a dog, brush your floorings with a damp brush at least two times a week to remove pet hair.

Clean your carpets

      with a solution of warm water, white vinegar, liquid castile soap, lavender essential oil and clary sage essential oil at least once a week. This solution will freshen up your flooring and will make it look better.
      When you spill something on your rug, clean the stain as soon as you can.Otherwise, it might become permanent.
      When you are removing carpet stains, always work from the outside-in of the affected area. If you don’t follow this tip, you will make a bigger mess spreading the discolouration wider.
      Use professional cleaning services for your carpets twice a year. Professional cleaners do a wonderful job. They not only remove the dirt from your floorings, but also brighten their colours and prolong their lives.
      Don’t ever treat cat urine stains with ammonia-based solutions. Cat urine also contains ammonia and it will attract your pet to use your rug as a toilet again.
      Don’t walk in your house with your shoes. Not only that you damage the fibres of your carpets with the hard soles, but you bring in a lot of sand and dirt, too. These things are quite harmful for your floorings.
      Take your carpet out at the sun once a month, if it is movable. The sun rays will kill dust mites and bacteria which you can’t reach with your vacuum cleaner.
      If you have to deodorise your rug, use baking soda for the purpose. Sprinkle it all over the flooring and let it stay for a night. The bicarb will absorb the bad odours and when you vacuum in the morning your carpet will be as fresh as new.

These carpet cleaning tips might sound a little strange, but they are the best. Try them and see for yourself.